Odessa Roofing Contractor

If you are shopping for a roofing contractor in Odessa, look for a reputable company with the references and resources to ensure that you get the work done your home needs. Jasper Contractors is a national roofing contracting company. We have the materials on hand to deliver prompt repairs in an emergency and a history of delivering quality service in Odessa.

Your roofing contractor of choice should offer a selection of roofing shingles that complements your home and the inventory available to do the work quickly. In most cases, Jasper roofing will complete a roofing job within one workday and are equipped to safeguard your roof and home until the work is done.

Storm Preparation

Hurricane season in Florida can be a source of stress for Odessa homeowners, but you can reduce the risk to you and your home with some preventative measures. Prior to a storm, shutter your windows or cover them with plywood. Keep a supply of fresh water available, one gallon per person per day for a 3-day supply. Stay in interior rooms as far from windows and exterior walls as possible.

Keep your insurance policy and other important documents secure and readily available. You may want to store them in a safe deposit box for safe keeping in an emergency. Know what your policy does and does not cover and who to call to file a claim. Your Jasper Contractors representative can help you with your claim and expedite any repairs your home needs.

Free Roof Inspection

In the aftermath of a storm, you may discover there are a lot more supposed roofers than you thought existed in Odessa. To find a reputable contractor, ask for credentials. A roofing contractor in the State of Florida must have their license number clearly visible on company vehicles. They should be licensed, insured and bonded to perform roofing work.

Jasper Contractors has been providing top-quality roofing repairs in Odessa since 2004. We offer free roof inspections to homeowners because we believe in the value of education and awareness. Our inspectors explain the results of their inspections without a sales pitch.

Know what you can do to protect your home and who you can trust to repair it and keep you informed. Contact Jasper Contractors today for the very best in roof repairs and replacement.