Union Park

Union Park Roofing Contractor

How do you choose a contractor for roof repairs in Union Park? Do you shop by price only? Looking for a sale or introductory price? Are you looking at contractors who call door to door after a storm hits? What sort of criteria should you consider when you are in the market for a roofing company?

One of the first considerations for a homeowner should be whether their roofer is licensed to work in your state. Florida law requires that contractors have their contracting license clearly visible on their company vehicles. If the guy you’re talking to has a work truck with magnetic signs on the doors and no license number, chances are you are dealing with an unlicensed itinerant contractor.

In such cases, you may never see your roofer again after the work is completed, if they even get that far. Ask for references from previous customers in the Union Park area. They should be able to point to examples of roofing jobs they’ve done that you can examine.

Storm season makes for a rich environment for unethical and unqualified entrepreneurs. Make sure you are getting verifiable and qualified contractors for your home repairs. You risk additional damage and denial of insurance claims when your contractor is not licensed and certified.

Storm Damaged Roof? Call Jasper Now!

Know where to go before a storm damages your roof. When the damage is done, you may have fewer options available by the time you do your homework and start making calls. Knowing who to call before you need to pick up the phone can be the difference between a quick response and waiting possibly weeks or months for materials, or even an appointment.

Free Roof Inspection

Ask our local Jasper Contractor about our free roof inspections. We can help you file a claim with the information you will need to provide your insurer. At Jasper, we believe an educated homeowner is our best customer. Your roof inspector will answer your questions and provide you with a detailed explanation of your inspection results. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection.