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Roofing Lakeland FLJasper Roofing is your premier provider of quality materials and craftsmanship in Lakeland, Florida. Founded 13 years ago, Jasper Contractors has established itself as a trusted source of roofing services.

Whether you are constructing a new home or looking for a Lakeland roofing expert to repair the damage brought about by storms or normal wear and tear, Jasper Contractors are ready to put a smile back on your face. As the preferred roofing contractor, we have helped the community of Lakeland, Florida to rebuild and keep moving forward after being struck by a tornado. Today, we are the go to roofing contractors for Lakeland residents in need of roofing repairs or replacement.

To help you pick up the pieces and reconstruct your home, we have invested in skilled, knowledgeable and experienced contractors with a proven track record. As a result, we are able to deliver timely services during emergencies brought about by tornado’s plus the normal wear and tear of a roof.

Call us today and let Jasper Roofing contractors transform your roof and home!

Jasper Roof professionals understand the burden Lakeland residents are faced with when a storm hits. To ease your stress, our contractors are on call during business hours. Not only are we able to repair your roofs in the shortest time possible but we can completely replace it with a high quality roof. This gives your home a stunning look. Is your roof damaged or leaking? You don’t have to suffer anymore. Let us take away the heavy burden of having a leaky and damaged roof.

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We Work With All Insurance Company’s To Repair or Replace Your Rooftop

Roofing Contractors Lakeland FL

Why You Should Maintain Your Roof Quality

A lot of home owners in Lakeland, Florida concentrate on maintaining the lower part of the house (below the roof) and that’s good. Not only does this keep the home and the outdoors looking stunning and beautiful but it improves the value of your home which is a plus when it comes to selling it off.

As a home owner, your roof is also a vital part of your home. It helps to protect your family and the interior from weather elements. Additionally, it insulates your home keeping you warm and cozy. Want to know why you should maintain your roof quality? Keep reading!

  • Keeps Your Gutters Clean – cleaning your roof by following a schedule helps to eliminate dried leaves, twigs and other debris known to collect and build up in the gutters. This keeps your gutters clean.
  • Eliminates Chances of Roof Leaks – blocked gutters result in blockage which in turn results in water collecting after heavy rains. Cleaning the gutters maintains your roof quality and eliminates roof leaks.
  • Keeps Away Pests – stagnant water collected in your gutter attracts molds, mosquitoes and other pests. Hiring Jasper Contractors to clean your roof and gutters keeps pests away.
  • Prevent Gutter Failure – At Jasper Roofing, we have said over and over again -prevention is better than a cure. Hiring our contractors to maintain your roof ensures your gutters, shingles and roofing tiles last long.
  • Replace Cracked or Broken Tiles – this prevents leaks
  • Remember, Jasper is the best choice for commercial and residential roofing.

Don’t put your money and home in the hands of fly-by-night contractors with magnetic signs on their trucks and no experience on their resumes. Get references, make sure your contractor is fully licensed, certified and insured for roofing contract work in the State of Florida. Each staff member of our company has the right attitude and warm-personality in helping others.

Jasper roofing team members are trained, experienced and highly qualified roofing professionals you can count on to do fast, reliable work that you can count on for decades.

FREE Roof Inspection

Get a thorough inspection of your roof, by one our courteous professionals who will explain the results and answer your questions without using the inspection as a sales pitch. All free of charge, and no obligation to you. If you are ready, Contact Jasper of Winter Haven, FL today to schedule your free roof inspection and get the answers to your questions. Get your home ready for the next storm season with Jasper Contractors, the #1 rated and best roofing contractor in your area!


Tile Roofing Lakeland FL

We do all Lakeland FL tile roofing work ourselves and have a 1st class reputation. Our courteous and friendly approach is why so many locals recommend Jasper tile roofing in Lakeland FL. Our in-house experts have decades of experience and the knowledge to install, repair and replace any size tile roof. Our services provide a long-lasting roof that is picture-perfect and aesthetically beautiful. We offer homeowners and commercial offices an array of concrete and clay tile options.


History of Lakeland, Florida and Popular Things to Do in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, Florida was first inhabited by the Calusa, Tocobago and Timucia tribes. They settled in the Florida peninsula over 12,000 years ago. After several centuries, the Spanish settlers arrived. They mingled with the Native Americans but as a result of deadly diseases, half the population was wiped out. The remaining inhabitants travelled North and became the Seminole Indian tribe.

Florida was recognized as the 27th state in 1847 and in 1861; it seceded and became an independent nation before being reabsorbed in 1866. The first settler in Lakeland was Abraham Munn who hailed from Louisville, Kentucky. He was joined by Jesse and Elizabeth Kern. They built a log cabin and later they were joined by the Powers, Hollingsworth’s, Hamilton’s and Elbert Combee among others. The city started to expand with the arrival of the rail line, electricity and other amenities in 1880s.

Planning to Visit Lakeland, Florida? Here Are The Top Attractions and Activities You Can Engage In

Circle B Reserve, Hollis Garden, Lake Mirror Park, Lake Hollingsworth, The Floorida Air Museum, Polk Theater, Explorations V Children’s Museum, Saddle Creek Park, Safari Wildnerness Ranch, and BeFly Bike Tours.

Tornado History in Lakeland, Florida

The City of Lakeland is located in Polk County. As a result, it experiences hot summers characterized by high humidity and temperatures. Overnight, temperatures have been found to drop below 90 degree F. Since Lakeland is located in Central Florida, it experiences afternoon thunderstorms during summer.

This means the city is prone to tornado events. As a result, a vast majority of homes are damaged especially the roof. To prevent leaks and the roof from deteriorating or caving in, hire Jasper Contractors experts. We are ready to repair and replace your roof within a moment’s notice.

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For those in Arizona, Durafoam roofing in Phoenix can be a service to commercial and homeowners.