What Are The Benefits of Tile Roof Maintenance?

Tile roofs are some of the most popular kinds of roofs largely because they have the most advantages. Most people love them because they come in such a wide array of colors, it is difficult not to find something that’s pleasant. When used correctly, tile roofs can complement the appearance of any house. More importantly, with the right kind of maintenance, tile roofs can last for 100 years or more; all the more reason why it is important to maintain your tile roof.

How to Maintain a Tile Roof

tile roof maintenance - Tile Roof Maintenance1.Perform Regular Inspections

Regularly inspecting your tile roof is the first step to ensuring it is in perfect condition. Due to the fragile nature of clay tiles, use a ladder and some binoculars to look around if you’re not sure you can walk on the tile roof safely. Alternatively, you can use planks of wood treated with foam to spread out your weight across the roof to avoid putting too much pressure on individual tiles.

2.Replace Broken Tiles Immediately

Any chipped, cracked, or broken tiles pose a risk as they compromise the roof’s ability to protect you from the elements. To replace a damaged tile, you will need two flat bars. Slide the first bar under the two tiles directly above the tile that’s broken. Slide the second bar on the tile to the immediate left of the broken tile, and then gently lift both bars upwards and slide out the damaged one. Replace the underlayment first then slide in the new tile. Carefully remove the bar on the left first then finish the replacement by removing the bar placed above.

3.Buff Tiles to Eliminate Efflorescence

After a while, tile roofs begin to lose their sheen and appear chalky. This is a normal process that results in the appearance of efflorescence. Efflorescence doesn’t make your tile roof any weaker, but it does make your roof seem old and worn out. Luckily, you can solve the problem of efflorescence by buffing your tiles individually using a clean piece of cloth.

4.Use Primers to Make Tile Roofs Waterproof

To fully restore the sheen of your tile roof, coat it with an alkyd primer. Primers give tile roofs a protective sheen that’s also shiny and attractive. Most importantly, they reduce the porosity of the tile, making your roof more effective at repelling water.

5.Paint Your Tile Roof

Our team at Jasper Contractors knows that heavy-duty acrylic paint is another great option for giving your tile roof an attractive coat as well as making it more resistant to water. There are also paints that resist mildew. If you’re having trouble painting your roof, first sand it down with fine sandpaper as this makes the paint stick to the surface more evenly. Sprayers are the best tools to use when painting tile roofs. Be careful not to paint outside the designated structure.

6.Apply Sealant

The final step of any roof restoration project is the application of acrylic sealant, which restores both the durability and the color of the tile.

Benefits of Tile Roof Maintenance

• It extends the lifespan of the roof considerably
• A well-maintained roof acts as insulation against heat from the sun
• It leaves the roof looking brand new
• Tile roofs are resistant to most harsh weather conditions and pests

In conclusion

The benefits of tile roof maintenance helps the roof in so many ways so it can be enjoyed for decades. This kind of roof only requires modest care, but the payout is often well worth the effort it takes to ensure your roof is in good condition. You can always contact roof maintenance professionals to do the job for you if you’re not certain you’re up to it.