20160524 105722 150x150 - What To Do If You Think You Have Damage From A StormA storm hit your town and swept right over your home last night while you were trying to sleep. However, you didn’t sleep much because you were so concerned about whether your roof would withstand the storm. Images of news reports you’ve watched in the past are running through your head. In the morning you wake and get into “Go” mode. But, what is the first thing to do after a storm? Here’s a general guideline for what you should do if a storm has ravaged your home.

Call your insurance agency right away. Many policies limit your time to file a claim, so don’t wait until you have water dripping through the ceiling or any other side effect of the storm weeks or days after the storm occurred. It might be too late to file a valid storm damage claim if you wait too long. Be aware that insurance companies “approved” contractors may have a financial incentive to save the insurance company money at your expense.

Call reputable roof contractors to represent your best interests. You have paid your homeowners insurance, so you’ll want to make sure you get the maximum value for your claim. Get three written proposals from each contractor, so you can compare their fees and services. Be sure to access their websites to look for customer reviews. Sites offer customer reviews, so you feel more secure in your choice.

Log the date and time of the storm. You may document any news stories on the television or on-line to verify that the storm actually happened. Take any pictures of the damages that occurred. Most of the time, if the damage is to your roof, you’ll only be able to photograph what you have access to. Be careful not to try to put yourself in danger getting to your roof.

Request an insurance adjuster inspection. Insist your contractor is present during the adjuster inspection. Your contractor can make sure the adjuster gives you a fair assessment.

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