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Roofing Contractors Melbourne FLJasper Roofing is your premier provider of quality materials and craftsmanship in Melbourne, Florida. Founded 14 years ago, Jasper Contractors has established itself as a trusted source of roofing services across the Nation.

Do you experience problems with your roof? Is it in need of repair or replacement? Do you fear that your roof may not be strong enough to survive a bad storm? Jasper Contractors have been offering excellent roofing services to its customers since 2004. Jasper roof professionals are the secret arsenal behind the success of Jasper Contractors.

For over a decade, Jasper roofing services in Florida has expanded considerably including Melbourne, Florida. If your roof leaks or the shingles are falling off or you have had a bad experience with poor roofers who didn’t seem to know what they are doing half the time, then it’s time you contacted Jasper Contractors from anywhere in Melbourne.

Importance of maintaining and keeping your roof quality up-to-date

When it comes to roof maintenance, it’s important to keep in mind that fact that shingles depend on how well you maintain your roof for them to last long. Maintenance can be what stands between you and spend lots of money on repairs or even in the worst cases total replacements by noticing roofing problems before anything gets worse. Storms and blizzards can cause damages on the roof which if not acted upon swiftly may result in heavy repairs or replacements. After heavy storms, it’s imperative to call in an expert to inspect your roof for damages.

This is a service that Jasper roof professionals offer free of charge because, if there is something that Jasper believes in, is total customer satisfaction and helping homeowners take care of roofing problems effectively. You cannot control the bad weather but you can control what happens to your roof. Jasper Contractors is your best choice for not just residential but also commercial roofing, and the best part of it is that they offer free inspection and quote. Soon you will see why Jasper is a top-choice among Roofing Contractors Melbourne FL for repairs, replacement and new construction installs.

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Why You Should Maintain Your Roof Quality

A lot of home owners in Melbourne, Florida concentrate on maintaining the lower part of the house (below the roof) and that’s good. Not only does this keep the home and the outdoors looking stunning and beautiful but it improves the value of your home which is a plus when it comes to selling it off. Many assume that fixing or replacing a roof is a headache and too much. The warranty and quality of craftsmanship you get with Jasper is why many homeowners and commercial owners like yourself choose us and decide to fix or get a roof replacement. Individuals will save more money in the long run rather than waiting for a bigger problem to arise in the future.

We’ve Got You Covered

Don’t put your money and home in the hands of fly-by-night contractors with magnetic signs on their trucks and no experience on their resumes. Get references, make sure your contractor is fully licensed, certified and insured for roofing contract work in the State of Florida. Each staff member of our company has the right attitude and warm-personality in helping others.

Jasper’s Melbourne roofing team members are trained, experienced and highly qualified roofing professionals you can count on to do fast, reliable work that you can count on for decades.

FREE Roof Inspection

Get a thorough inspection of your roof, by one our courteous professionals who will explain the results and answer your questions without using the inspection as a sales pitch. All free of charge, and no obligation to you. If you are ready, Contact Jasper of Melbourne, FL today to schedule your free roof inspection and get the answers to your questions. Get your home ready for the next storm season with Jasper Contractors, the #1 rated and best roofing contractor in your area!

Tile Roofing Melbourne FL

Jasper has a 1st class reputation for our in-house Melbourne FL tile roofing service. Witness why so many locals recommend Jasper tile roofing in Melbourne FL. Our in-house installers have decades of experience and knowledge to install, repair and replace any size tile roof. Our service is affordable and the end result is a long-lasting roof that is durable and aesthetically beautiful. We offer homeowners and commercial offices an array of concrete and clay tile options. Call Jasper today, we are Melbourne’s best tile roofing contractor for a reason.

History of Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne, Florida was founded by pioneer families in 1867 with the first settlers settling in at around 1877. The city was named Melbourne after the second largest city in Australia. Melbourne, Florida boasts of incredible and pristine beaches which tend to be less crowded than other Floridian beaches. Melbourne is also a shopper’s paradise with branches of renowned brands active in the area. Here are some of the things to do and places to visit in Melbourne, Florida

  • Places like Pump It Up located west of Melbourne is one the best kids zone in town where a family can hang out in this indoor activity area. One of the places not to miss in Melbourne is the free and public museum called the Liberty Bell Museum.
  • The replica of the Liberty Bell historical documents and other historical exhibits come to life here.
  • Cruising St. John’s River at Camp Holly is probably the best thing to do in Melbourne. Viewing wildlife, fishing and hunting at Camp Holly is very rewarding especially since your satisfaction will be in the hands of experienced tour experts.
  • If you are looking for a thrilling experience for your family then the Andretti Park is not a place to miss. Small golf courses, boat rides train rides, playgrounds and different kid rides are just some of the thrills available in Andretti Park.
  • Other places to go in Melbourne are Maxwell C. King Center for Performing Arts, Foosaner Art Museum, Fun Town and Melbourne Greyhound Park.


Weather Patterns in Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne, Florida has one of the most erratic weather patterns around. It has proved to be a hotspot for tornado events in the past in Brevard County. Florida is prone to hurricanes which sometimes may result into fully fledged disruptive tornadoes touching down at high speeds and affecting many homes. Tornadoes and hurricanes in Florida are probably the biggest causes of many weather-related roof damages in the region. After a tornado, many Floridians directly affected usually have no other choice but to replace their roofs, while weak hurricanes without enough strength to give birth to tornadoes still tend to cause damages to roofs due to strong windy storms.

Jasper Contractors are aware and knowledgeable in regards to Florida’s weather pattern and know how to make and maintain a roof with full consideration of frequent bad weather and how to plan around it. And if you are in need of repairs or replacements, Jasper offers on-budget, fast-paced roofing services all over Florida.

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